Aguilar, Villanueva, L. F

Paginas: 11-36
Año: 2014
Volumen: 1
Número: 1
Lugar: . Cuadernos de Gobierno y administración pública
Abstract: The question that frames the article is the capacity and effectiveness of the process by which a society is steered. After some initial considerations about the features and some limits of New Public Management and New Public Governance, which have been the dominant approaches to solve this question in recent years, the article explains the reasons why New Public Governance is considered the most effective process of leading the contemporary society, and outlines as well its two essential dimensions (the institutional and the technical) and its three levels of performance: the public governance of society, the governance of the public administration, and the governance of the specific organizations of public administration, which is beginning to be named “public corporate governance”, and which has not been studied in a systematic way. The article concludes pointing out some ideas to fill the knowledge gap on such subjects.

Red Gobernanza Metropolitana
El Colegio de Jalisco
5 de Mayo 321 C.P. 45100
Zapopan, Jalisco

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