Vilà, Mancebo, A.

Paginas: 47-68
Año: 2013
Lugar: Actas de la dependencia
Abstract: Castilla y León has developed a model of care for dependency situations characterized primarily by its full integration into the social services system, respecting the powers held in it by local corporations. Administrative simplification and flexibility in the processing of applications, social consensus and a clear commitment to professionalize services to prevent the system from becoming a subsidy regime are some of the keys. Steps have been taken to enable people to access services and make them more attractive, such as promoting the use of tied aid, or the “At home” project that transforms traditional homes into multiservice centres and cohabitation units. This model has yielded good results and is intended to be an engine of economic development. Finally it is proposed that, to ensure the future stability of the system, the financing of dependency is integrated into the state model of regional financing.

Red Gobernanza Metropolitana
El Colegio de Jalisco
5 de Mayo 321 C.P. 45100
Zapopan, Jalisco

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